The most advanced & accurate AI in the automotive space

State-of-the-art technology to help both professionals and non-professionals do a perfect 360° scan on vehicles - created to integrate into existing workflows exquisitely

How Karmen's Mind Works


Most accurate inspections in the space. Capture images with the web based mobile app and get reports instantly. Every year, millions of auto claims are processed worldwide. Manual inspections stall settlement and underwriting decisions, costing carriers and insurers billions of dollars. Karmen provides a superior solution for automated inspections using video and photographic data.


Karmen combines CCTVs with deep learning AI to provide the most trustworthy, fully automated car inspection method. Every time a car enters and exits a facility, Karmen gives a total touchless objective experience with transparency and assurance by eliminating manual handling, return processing time, and expenses, as well as the possibility of human error and especially fraud.


An unprecedented solution for the tire industry. Karmen puts tires into digital transformation and presents a condition report in milliseconds. It measures your tire’s tread depth by scanning the pattern and making sure you know more about the performance of your tires. Just snap a photo/video, eliminate manual processes and witness the redefined era of the automotive space.


Karmen is a fast curater. Review condition reports and damage claims in all perspectives. Whether you are an insurance company, a body shop or a rent a car network, Hub is there to provide tailored reports depending on your needs. Hub is API driven and adaptable to enterprise ERP systems.


Utilizes the most recent AI auto damage evaluation technology to allow carriers to make quick policy judgments regarding total loss and damage estimates based on provided photographs and videos.


Enables carriers to make decisions about renewing break-in policy decisions immediately. Vehicle pre-inspection data and damage imagery can be captured and managed with DeepScan for carriers allowing for 5-10% reduction in insurance fraud.


Karmen's deep learning TireScope™ is a tire solution to put tires life-cycle under the spotlight. Take a video or photo of the pattern of your tires and get condition reports instantly.

Car Sharing

A lot of damage can result from excessive and multi-people use. Karmen's technologies are there for either sides to claim damages between trips.

Fleet & Rent a Car

Rent a car firms can maintain top vehicle quality at all times, identify any damage as it occurs, and speed damage repair procedures by standardizing the inspection process and decreasing human capital.

Body Shops

Generate and export vehicle condition reports containing information on the many forms of damage, their costs, and their severity. Hub™ dashboard is where you can figure which parts needed in the repairs process and learn everything about vehicles in your shop.


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