The most advanced & accurate AI in the automotive space



Constant learner, time saver & safety provider. Karmen is there for every side of the journey.


Training with real claims data and learning round-the-clock.

Checking parts which are crucial for safety and decides whether a car is secure to drive. (Triage recommendations)

Monitoring an expressive vision of damage and it's intensity.

Saving time of experts and car owners with it's high accuracy rates and process timing.

Easy deployment and quick setup. Adaptable integration with current workflows.

How does it work?

After an incident, car owner is lead to Karmen DeepScan™ App for guided damage capture with web based mobile app.

Karmen checks fraud and provides multi-angle capture with seamless quality.

Received condition assessment helps insurer determine whether repairs are necessary.

Using the remote Karmen's Hub dashboard, repair centers may see the entire quote and take part in it.


Give appraisers the tools they need to produce more precise estimates so that claims can be reviewed and approved minutes after they are reported.

Utilize AI estimations to streamline the intake procedure and gain knowledge of the job before the car arrives at the shop.

Reduce claim cycle time to a few minutes.

Limit fraud.

Increase openness and give customers, insurers, and repair shops authority.



Using cutting-edge DeepScan™ technology, a SaaS application automating damage reports.


Replaces the requirement for a physical inspection of a vehicle upon policy acquisition or loss notification with AI and DeepScan™.

Real claims data are available for training using a scalable damage detection method.

Through direct API solutions, Karmen integrates into any workflow, minimizing integration efforts and time to market.

Scalable platform to accommodate particular business needs and demands.

How does it work?

A single series of pictures of the car is taken to start the process. Karmen creates a vehicle outline for the precise car or vehicle type along with photo-taking instructions. With this method, AI can accurately detect any damage.

After Karmen receives the pictures, it processes them to create a report on the car's damage.

Each photograph is reviewed by Karmen using machine learning, it determines its nature (close-up, full view, unusable), and any damaged external components are highlighted with contours.


An improvement in precision and consistency.

Validated damage precludes the point of claim from adding pre-accident damage expenses.

Faster deployment and lower hosting costs are provided by Karmen.



Using advanced technology, Karmen's TireScope™ is a deep learning tire solution to put tires life-cycle under the spotlight.

Training with real tire data and learning round-the-clock.

Be prepared for any negativities that may occur by learning the condition of your tire in seconds.

It's at the end of a single photo snap to find out if your tire should be changed.

Get 360° control of your car by learning the life-cycle of your tire.

How does it work?

Hold your camera at a 45-degree angle to see the tire pattern and take a picture.

Karmen then will analyze the tire image with the help of it's data of real tire images.

A condition report will be ready in seconds.


Prevent risky situations while driving.

Utilize your tires to their maximum potential.

Eliminate subjectivity, and avoid buying new tires before it is necessary.


Car Sharing

A lot of damage can result from excessive use. Karmen's technologies are there for either sides to claim damages before or after a car is shared.

Replace the requirement for a physical inspection of a vehicle with Karmen's DeepScan™ technology.

Consumers can just snap a photo and claim damage to the car sharing company at the first notice of loss.

Car sharing companies will now know how their fleet's condition is and take action without losing any time.

Leave all the work to Karmen with no extra paperwork.

How does it work?

Take a 360° footage of the car just before you rent the car, after any damage or at the end of your rental.

Then Karmen will generate a condition report for the use of both parties.

Condition/damage report is then available through API connection or PDF. Karmen's Hub™ will host every claim for car sharing companies.


Customers won't incur extra costs and won't be held accountable for damages they did not cause.

Companies will be able to monitor the condition, damage status and the life-cycle of their vehicles much more closely and more easily and take the necessary actions quickly.

State-of-the-art digital solutions that will reset the paperwork, taking into account our nature.


Fleet & Rent a Car

360° scan of cars as they enter and exit rental facilities. Karmen helps either sides in the rental process to reach the next level.

CCTV implementation (PureVision™) to rental facilities' enters and exits. Checking each car as it enters and leaves rental facilities.

Identify any problems before a car is rented out to avoid charging a customer for damage they did not create.

Before receiving the keys, customers can view a digital depiction of the car that displays its state.

Employees won't even need to inspect cars when they enter, which will quicken the return process.

Also rental clients can claim damages that they cause via the link to be sent by the insurer of the rent a car company.

How does it work?

PureVision™ implemented CCTV cameras takes 360° footage at the rental location.

Self-service rental clients, fleet drivers, or dealers can use the DeepScan™ App in case of damage.

Hub™ for fleet and rent a car managers for reviewing. KarmenBrain AI integrated for top results.


Secure handoffs with the least amount of wait time and best damage repair.

Reduced hassle and enhanced client return experience.

Effective fleet maintenance cycles with complete transparency and affordable repair prices.


Body Shops

Everything is more automated with Karmen. Hub™ dashboard is where you can figure which parts needed in the repairs process and learn everything about vehicles in your shop.

Replace the requirement for a physical inspection of a vehicle with Karmen's DeepScan™ technology.

Implemented CCTV's with Karmen's PureVision™ in the entrance of the body shop.

Quick & Easy vehicle checks.

Fast & Remote diagnosis.

Swift & Thorough repairs.

How does it work?

Customer self-scan with DeepScan™ or dealer scan with PureVision™ upon arrival.

Towing service providers scan vehicle with mobile app (DeepScan™).

Damage report is generated by Karmen and available through API connection or PDF.

Every detail can be seen via Karmen's Hub™ and can be started for the repairs process.


Provide online diagnosis.

Improve part and labor expansions and customer service with visible high quality photos.

Accelerate the delivery process by making the right repairs.