It’s time for a
technology revolution



Karmen’s unmatched technology aims to redefine vehicle inspections process with its low integration cost, unseen reporting speed and unique accuracy rate.

Karmen has created an automated vehicle inspection solution that delivers an exceptional level of consistency and precision of external damages with the goal of assisting insurance and auto firms in the transition from manual procedures to quick, efficient, and safe automated processes.



Accelerating and automating pickup and return processes without being tied on human capital brings certainity on every vehicles exact condition.

Car firms know the precise state of every vehicle throughout its lifecycle, maintain top vehicle quality at all times, notice any damage as it occurs, and speed damage repair operations by standardizing the inspection process and providing transparency into every transaction.



Worn tires are one of the main reasons for traffic accidents. It increases the braking distance and therefore increases the risk of accidents.

A decrease in tire tread depth can lead to the deterioration of a tire's performance during cornering, and straight line braking. With TireScope, learn the condition of your tires in milliseconds, control their life cycle, maintain top tire quality at all times and always hit the road with confidence.



KarmenHub web dashboard enables the evaluation of car parts and potential damage from hundreds of viewpoints while creating the final inspection report.

Use AI estimating to digitalize the intake process and learn more about the job before the car arrives at the shop, and allow appraisers to develop more accurate estimates for speedier review and approval within minutes of a reported claim. Curate and export condition reports that include damage kinds, severity, and cost, as well as multi-angle views.